Neu Exhibition Posthuman Morulus + Magda Piech Vergrößern

Exhibition Posthuman Morulus + Magda Piech


21. April 2018
Einlass: 19 Uhr
Ende: 24 Uhr

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21.04.18 19:00 bis 24:00
22.04.18 17:00 bis 21:00
23.04.18 closed
24.04.18 17:00 bis 21:00
25.04.18 17:00 bis 21:00
26.04.18 17:00 bis 21:00
27.04.18 17:00 bis 21:00
28.04.18 15:00 bis 20:00
29.04.18 15:00 bis 20:00

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Wir bedauern sehr das Magda Piech nicht an der angekündigten Gemeinschaftsausstellung teilnehmen kann. Ihre Entscheidung steht nicht im Zusammenhang mit der Galerie, sondern sind sehr persönlicher Art. Wir akzeptieren dies und haben bereits über eine mögliche Solo-Ausstellung zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt gesprochen und wünschen Magda Piech vorerst Kraft.

Trotz alledem lohnt es sich die Ausstellung von Posthuman Morulus ab 21.4.18 zu besuchen.

Posthuman Morulus + Magda Piech

Features a selection of works by Magdalena Piech and Posthuman Morulus who engage with the theme of darkness and the return to to the repressed.

The exhibition aims to articulate a particular relationship between the artists and the return to the metaphorical to the repressed. Through the mediums of analogue art and photography, the artists featured explore a variety of provocative themes in order to gain a better understanding of the dark or the repressed side of human nature.

Turns away from the cool headed intellectualism seen in Modern or Minimalist art movements and follows a path which often breaks up the barriers between high art, low art and popular culture. (Title) is built on the appreciation for the; narrative, representation and emotional content while drawing inspiration from celebrated artists like: Rudolf Schwarzkogler, Louise Bourgeois, Marilyn Manson and Frances Bacon.

At the first glance the exhibited works deal with what could be described as 18th century Gothic. Themes like dreams, nightmares, sadism and masochism and remind us all how exciting it is to be scared. Beneath this first superficial layer however, lies a more provocative theme of pleasure and pain. Handcuffs, masks, latex gloves, meat and other equipment associated with the BDSM activity can be seen repeatedly throughout the show. These items create a symbolic vocabulary which not only deals with physical, emotional, sexual and psychological pain but also the pleasure of the voyeur and the thrill of looking and being looked at.

This selection of highly seductive photographic or photorealistic images owes it’s appeal to digital or manual layering. By digitally altering with the original image, Posthuman Morulus is able to achieve the chaotic, disturbing, melancholic and mysterious atmosphere present in his entire portfolio. Much like Posthuman Morulus, Piech often engages the transparent quality of the vellum paper to weave subject matter such as: sexuality, insecurity, power and submission into her work.

Lastly addresses the intense dilemma of working as an artistic collaboration. Throughout the process Posthuman Morulus and Piech attempt to balance the action of giving and taking artistic influences to and from one another.

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